i kissed his warmness until
he turned to flames
either his eyes showed me tenderness
either he smiled of forgiveness and truth
his strong fingers drew the way
to the greatest loss of all -
he stole the heart of mine
as he rubbed my hair to sleep
i dreamed of trains and bridges
as he travelled me down
and passed through the body to the soul
he was the answers to all the riddles
and he asked, to mess with Silence:
- what is the colour of your essence, dear?
then he kissed my shaky lips
not to let me whisper "dark"
the sound of his voice,
as he hushed my silent cry,
painted my eyes of flowers and rain
i was so cold i turned to ice
and snowed down his chest
he was never alarmed
but always fond
of my tiny bumps of sorrow
he was the courtains to my
theater of broken memories and crushed bounds
as i played the biggest roll of all
he clapped his safe hands
he was never happy,
never delighted,
never amazed
he was always worried of my vibrant laugh
always missing my childlike steps
always calling my truthful name
always loving me on the backstage

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