you feel the Fear tickling your feet
and your heart instantly skips a beat
you rest in the mud, you get stuck
you only need a bit of luck.
you decide walking back
like a weak stupid rat, you sweat
and you start to hopelessly regret 
you find yourself running around
and there is one horrifying sound
and it says -
listen, you fool, clean that baby chicken drool, 
in this morbid nightmare game
you will always, always lose
you are not the one to blame
because you never really got to choose.
know that you are not safe
and for your own god damn sake 
next time you are going out
take a breath
have a shout 
put your fucking shoes on
and let this tale be long gone.

"When you're walking home at night, do you ever get creeped out and even though it's silly and embarrassing you just want to run home?" It seemed too secret and personal to admit to a virtual stranger, but I told her, "Yeah, totally." For a moment, she was quiet. Then she grabbed my hand, whispered, "Run run run run run" and took off, pulling me behind her.” 
p.21, Looking for Alaska, John Green.

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